How to Not Get a Job

After reading this infographic on, which basically lays out guidelines as to what content should and should not be visible on your social media websites, it has occurred to me that you might be better off without Facebook or Twitter. Of course, that only applies if you are searching for a job—as most young college graduates are.

The infographic is filled with social media blunders that can cripple a young candidate’s chance of obtaining employment, and, with the exception of LinkedIn, there aren’t many positives. Unfortunately, it is impractical for you to remove yourself from the Twitterverse, but anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of public (and professional) opinion.

I thought that most of the things Mashable advised against displaying on your social media account were fairly obvious, but some of my friends were not in the same boat. I’ve always known to stay away from political and religious tweets on social media platforms, but not because I thought it would be detrimental to attaining a prospective job. Also, you have to be an absolute fool to reveal to a potential employee that you frequent Burning Man.

Following a not-so-fierce deliberation with a couple of roommates, I have decided to stick to tweeting about sports and engaging in conversations with my friends in the social media universe, as to avoid the many perils that could await.

The Internet is a dangerous place, kids.



  1. Amanda Stevens

    I like this. The write up is well written and I am happy to see the use of links. I would like to have seen other student voices. Also, the lead sentence is a tad bit long. otherwise well done.

  2. Rosemary Armao

    I agree that this is well done and it’s revealing that I feel this way considering that you have failed to include any proof that you talked to other people. I’ll be looking for involvement with interview subjects in future posts.

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