The Irrelevancy of the Albany Student Press

I don’t read the Albany Student Press and I’m not shy about saying it.

College students all over the country scoop up their university’s weekly publication to catch up on the latest happenings on campus, but the majority of SUNY Albany students don’t.

Those who don’t read the ASP surely have their reasons — and everybody has their own — but the irrelevancy of newspapers in general hasn’t helped grow the audience. Papers like the New York Times are in the midst of a lull, so it is no surprise that an amateur publication is scarcely read.

To be honest, I’ve picked up the ASP a grand total of one time. I’ve always felt like Newsday is written on a high school level, and my sole experience with the student newspaper left me feeling the same way.

That isn’t meant as a knock on any of the editors or contributors, and the paper’s method of operation may have changed since I read it last year, but I don’t see myself reading it regularly at any point in the future.

But, hey, what do I know?


One comment

  1. Rosemary Armao

    This is so odd, because you are saying you don’t read it for no good reason. That leaves me unsatisfied. What could make you give it another try? Think of it that way.

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