Why I Picked Journalism

Since I was in high school I’ve loved to write. Well, “loved to write” may be an overstatement, but I’ve found writing less painful than math, science and every other subject.

I started writing for a local publication called Long Island Ultimate Athlete when I was in my junior year of high school, and have been afforded various opportunities since then. Although I had a decent amount of experience in the field, it wasn’t until this summer that I really started to hone my craft. From May to August, I spent 10 hours a day writing for a sports website called BleacherReport.com covering every sport under the sun.

It was with Bleacher Report that I learned to keep it short — something that I’ve always had a problem doing. I also learned, contrary to what many people believe, that journalism is not a dying breed. Print publications have taken a dive, but online journalism is as booming as ever.

My motivation for becoming a journalist changed as I got older. I originally decided to major in journalism because I thought I didn’t have many other options. Like I said, things have changed. Now I just enjoy writing about topics that people deem relevant.


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