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Obsolescence of Homophobia

The article “Ending Homophobia in Magic” by Abe Sargent focuses on the obsolescence of the word “homophobia.” Sargent makes the case that people use the word contrary to what its semantics may indicate. He uses the Magic community as a building block to make his point that “homophobia,” which implies a fear of homosexuals rather than hatred, is nothing more than a word used as an alternative to a widespread disdain for those in the LGBT community.

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Giants Need More Bradshaw, Not Eli, Against Cowboys

Eli Manning is the best player on the New York Giants, and one of the best in the league, but his role on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys isn’t as important as that of Ahmad Bradshaw.

In the Giants’ two losses this year, which came at the hands of the Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles, Tom Coughlin’s offense ran the ball for less than 100 yards. The power and importance of the rushing attack cannot be underestimated, as the Giants haven’t lost a game in which they have racked up over 100 yards on the ground.

Running the ball, something that Coughlin often neglected to do last week against the Redskins, is the unequivocal key to this road game. Continue reading