Things You May or May Not Care About

This is titled “Things You May or May Not Care About” because you may or may not care about the things that you are going to read next.

Either way, read my stuff. Like it. Hate it. Question it.

My name is Sam Quinn. I am a junior at SUNY Albany who doesn’t have much of a clue what direction I want to go with my life other than the path that leads to some interesting experiences and a sustainable lifestyle. Despite majoring in both journalism and business, I have virtually no idea how I am going to make those two degrees mesh down the road, but I’ll worry about that when I have to.

I have done plenty of journalism work throughout my life, most recently writing for a sports website called Bleacher Report where I covered breaking news in sports ranging from badminton to football to horseracing.

During my time with Bleacher Report, I have realized that much of the Internet community is comprised of mad men who don’t like when people disagree with them. Many experiences have prepared me for such people, so if you hold a contrary viewpoint, let it be known.

Here you’ll see a writer in the rawest form. With no editor to guide or restrict me, you’ll be sure to get the real, unfiltered opinion about anything that sets me off.

Read on, ladies and gentlemen.


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